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Here We Go...

Updated: Jan 9, 2018

Welcome to my story. During this journey of life, we are faced with challenges that often leave us devoid of the vigor and desire for adventure and change that we once had. Suddenly, happiness has to be grasped a little harder. Joy has to be strategically chosen every day. Peace has to be chosen over fear. My story isn't necessarily about my past, although I plan to discuss my past from time to time; it is more about my present. It is my journey of rediscovering who I am as a woman and how God is redefining me each day. I want to talk about the lows as well as the highs. I want to share sorrow as well as the joy. I want to share beauty, both naked and adorned.

In America, women have become quite accustomed to freedom and capabilities that we possess. It is not to say that women should not be protected, adored, or valued. It means that we have been blessed with opportunities that go beyond the borders of our homes and hearts. I often wonder: have we forgotten who we are? Have we forgotten our true passions? Have we forgotten what sets our hearts ablaze? Do we understand the part we play upon the earth?

These are questions I began to ask myself a few years ago and even today, still. Let's face it, after marriage, bearing children, managing households, and career challenges amongst countless other things, it is hard for us to remember who we are. Do people change? Yes. Do circumstances change people? Yes. However, change is always geared upward and forward rather than a downward spiral. It is important to lay hold of God's original intent within us and never let it go regardless of what life throws at us.

My blog is my journey. I am crazy enough to believe you may want to be apart of that. Discovery, definement, and true purpose lies ahead. I am choosing not to allow myself to be lost in the chaos. So, here we go...

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