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Make Room

Over the past few weeks, I have been hearing the phrase, "make room". I have been sensing very strongly that our rescuer is on the move for His children. He is coming like a mighty flood to overthrow the accuser and his kingdom. He is coming to prevail over iniquity. He is coming to preside over unholy judgements. But I sense that we must make room for Him to come in. Are we making room in our conversations? Are we making room for Him in our daily encounters at work or the grocery store? Are we making room for Him to settle a matter in our marriages? Are we giving Him space to move?

Now, more than ever, take moments to behold Him. Still yourself. Silence your mind. Silence your soul. Tell your emotions to be quiet and listen. Give God space to speak to your spirit. Make room! How He loves you, my friend. How He desires to hear the cadence of your voice and respond. Tell Him your fears. Tell Him your desires. Tell Him how much you need Him. Release a sound of thanksgiving. Wait and watch. Prepare to hear Him. To hear His voice is like hearing an instrument you've never heard before. Captivating...

Give Him room in creation. Take notice of the life around you. See yourself as part of a bigger story. See the path God has for you stretch out ahead. With every step, know the solid ground you feel beneath you is Him. He doesn’t want you to fail, and even when you do; He is present and waiting to help. You win because of Him. Your failure is His win. Your failure gives room for His triumph. Your weakness gives room for Him to be strong. Make room…for the way maker is approaching.

Let hope feel your space. Let joy fill your space. Let peace in. What a gift He is to the world. And how He grounds us. Imagine being tethered to an unmovable body. In a world that’s violently shaking, bind yourself to Him. Allow yourself to experience the safety that is found in Him. He is unshakable. He is the boundary. He is time. He is the season. He is breath. He is light. He is the impossible. He is. It’s like the small hand of a curious child when she places it within yours. Suddenly, the child is lead safely to their destination. You do not leave them alone. How much more does He grasp our hand and not let go when we reach for Him?

How much more, my friend.

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