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Sunday: I Took A Dip In The Sun

“ This is a letter of encouragement to the restless and the dreamers: As I bathed in the sun on the rooftop deck, I began to think about the SON and who I am as His daughter. Moments of quietness are for asking and waiting. What does the woman that He wants me to be look like? Amidst a society of women that lead with control, bitterness, rage and manipulation; it is dire that the true daughters of God arise and release a different sound into the earth. It's an eternal sound. It's a sound of true identity and an endless love for the Father that cannot be helped .If you listen carefully, you can hear the One who rescues riding down to save a company of women that have prided themselves on being their own salvation.

He’s looking for women that will trade their crowns of self ambition and the altar of femininity for a mantle of His grace and His beauty personified...women that will see Him when they look into a mirror. He's looking for women who see themselves as His treasure rather the world's trophy. We have the ability to wear His glory like a magnificent garment...a garment that blinds the eyes of opposition. And the opposition will not be blinded by our beauty, but by our courage. We can be the plain girls that covertly rock a generation whose feet run to depravity. We have the ability to wear joy, peace, simplicity, character and authority in a way that women have never encountered in the 21st century. It’s time to go back to the original intent of God for the female. It’s special. It’s unique. It’s ours.

Don’t squander your inheritance as His daughter in order to get ahead in a gender race you don’t belong in. You are not just a woman...YOU ARE HIS. YOU are a secret in the hand of God. Take a dip in the sun; let the SON speak to you, beautiful girl."

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