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  • Janelle Batts

The Eyelet & The Mexican Flower

Updated: Jan 26, 2018

I recently purchased this beautiful boho blouse after it arrived in my StitchFix shipment. As you have seen, I have been featuring my shipments on Instagram. The eyelet stitch, although old-fashioned, is Victorian. The flower patchwork appears to be a common Mexican design. It's amazing how two different designs from two different backgrounds can be brought together to create something so unique and beautiful. I began to think about our own lives and how it parallels to our individuality.

Our blood is full of different ancestry. Our DNA is full of God's creativity. Our ancestral backgrounds allow us to be apart of God's blueprint upon the earth. We have the opportunity to pull upon the cultures, expressions, and sounds that lie within us. These expressions are important to God as we walk with Him. I have witnessed two kinds of people when discussing this subject.

Many people deny their ethnic background because of self-hatred, shame, or rejection. The celebration of who they are, even the act of celebration is shut down within them. If Satan can stop you from fully embracing who you are, then he can stop your worship to the Father. He can shut down your passion and when passion is extinguished, vision disappears. When an individual no longer has a vision for their future, they begin to slowly lose their sense of purpose.

On the other side of the spectrum, I see individuals who lift their ethnic background high above everything else and worship it like a god. What appears to be a person searching for destiny becomes a twisted journey of denouncing God's creativity, and finding temporary fulfillment in a persona. Endless searching often leads people to cults, conspiracy theories, confusion, and disappointment. The many rabbit trails taken throughout the individual's thinking often leads to emotional distress and emptiness in the end. Who we are can only be discovered through God. Any other path chosen will come to nothing and leaves you empty-handed.

Our nation is suffering from a great crisis...an IDENTITY CRISIS. People are emotionally bankrupt and they are changing their ages, genders, sexual orientations, and skin colors in search of who they truly are. This is having a profound effect on children. Parents who are suffering from this crisis are projecting their dysfunction upon their children which has led to a very confused generation. There is good news. God, our Creator, is willing and ABLE to redeem even the most confused individual captured in this web.

1st Corinthians 14:33 tells us:

"God is not a God of confusion and disorder but of peace and order."

We serve a meticulous God who holds the key to our identities. He is a God of order and unfathomable precision. When He breathed life into the womb of our mothers, He did not utter a twisted dialogue. He uttered words that encapsulate the essence of His heart. Satan's goal is to take that dialogue and twist it until we are unrecognizable. It's time to shut down the voices of society, religious spirits, rejection, self-hatred, and the voice of the accuser who is Satan. It's time to step into that secret place with our Creator so that He can take us back to the beginning and see His vision of who we are.

Many will wake up from their slumber and realize they have been searching for the One who gave them their identity, God himself. They will discover that He's been there the entire time. I have hope for you and me. I have hope for the souls who find themselves on this path of discovering WHO THEY ARE.