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The Inroads of America

Hello Sunday.

Today, I want to talk about PAIN and how it is often an inroad that gives our adversary access into our families, cities, states and even our nation. What’s difficult to watch in our nation is how PAIN is being used as an outlet for destruction. Remember the “me too” movement? PAIN is always a factor in dysfunctional situations that unfold around us.  During the “me too" fiasco, I witnessed a few women that I knew personally, immediately align themselves with the movement. They even aligned with false accusation and seeing a man’s life destroyed without due process for the “greater good” and fulfillment of women. In our conversations, I noticed the common denominator; all of these women had been hurt by a man in their life, but the wound had not been dealt with. Therein lies the INROAD...

Let's talk the definition of an inroad:

1. Progress; an advance or an instance of something being affected, encroached on, or destroyed by something else.
2. A hostile attack; a raid

Notice the second definition...a hostile attack or a raid. This is how I picture the enemy when he sees an open door, an inroad into our lives, and rushes that door with demonic anticipation. He makes an advance against us through those places; therefore, allowing him to take ground upon the earth through our very existence. Remember Genesis 4:7 that speaks of "sin crouching at the door of your heart". Satan is always looking for a way in; he is an opportunist and he values the inroad. Bitterness is an inroad. Unforgiveness is an inroad. Suddenly, a group of women who hold unmitigated malice towards the opposite sex become quite dangerous; not because of the women, because of the demonic ability that is now working within them to DESTROY. Antichrist works within such movements because it always seeks to oppress a person and produce shame that silences the voice. Pay attention to what is “weaponized”; it is often a sign of antichrist at work.

Let's talk about the black’s the same inroad. I have witnessed black men and women that have come into wholeness, success and healing, but it was only through a true encounter with Jesus that brought them to this conclusion. BUT...they were willing to submit all to Jesus...the hurt...the pain...all of it. It shut down the inroads; therefore, the veil was lifted from their sight, new mindsets were created and good decisions became a way of life. So why not others? The inroad...places in the heart that have not been submitted to God. all leads to one thing; a demonic outlet for our adversary to plug in, blind the individual, and wreak havoc both personally and corporately. Once again, antichrist is at work. If you were to look through history and other people groups, you will see the same pattern. Native Americans...Jews...etc. Most inroads lead to the soul, trauma and PAIN. This is something we can all pay attention to in our own lives. I pray we become masters over the inroads of our heart as we partner with Jesus.

This is not God’s intent for any of these people. This is not His intent for any of us. His intent is true. His intent is full of love. So when you see with your eyes and hear what you hear across the American landscape; pray for those who are being inundated by the enemy. God desires their salvation and deliverance. He desires to see what the enemy has corrupted to be made whole again. This is my prayer for those currently caught in the destructive process of our nation. Harvest is all around us. We are in a new time. We are in a new season.

There are some Damascus road encounters for many ahead. Watch.🇺🇸

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