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  • Janelle Batts

Why I Talk About Fashion But Am Not A Fashion Guru

Updated: Jan 9, 2018

Someone recently asked if my blog was going to be about fashion and lifestyle to which I replied, no. It may be confusing because I post so many pictures of clothing on Instagram and tag so many companies and boutiques, but for me, it is more about the journey of my wardrobe than being a fashionista. Two years ago, I put on a pair of maternity jeans and realized that my youngest was two years old and that I had been wearing those abdominal pants for over a year. I knew something had to give. This was not who I was.

I used to be a fashionista, so to speak, at one point in my life. My early twenties were full of the seek and find of fashion, and I enjoyed it. There was one problem. Ever since I was a child, just about everything that I ever said, wore and did was unconventional. Even as a teenager, I remember getting frustrated when I bought an item because I always thought it needed something more. My passion for creativity enabled me to recreate the vision I had for a garment of clothing. I found myself doing this throughout my life. Creativity followed me everywhere, and I always found a new way to express it.

As a kid, I was always wearing odd little things here and there which often left people puzzled. Growing up in a Christian home and being apart of a church my entire childhood, I never knew if rules were being broken or obeyed when it came to my style of dress. Although I still dressed unconventional, I spent several years in my twenties wearing mainstream clothes because I was too insecure about who I truly was and how to express that in my clothing. Then came career and marriage, which led to power suits, pencil skirts, and 6-inch heels. Although I was fashion savvy, I never felt like myself while wearing that. Thus began a journey and allowing myself to put down all of the rules of fashion and be me.

Fast forward to now, I am a mother of three beautiful children and have been married eleven years next month. These are the types of changes that leave you questioning where you originally started as an individual, as a woman. I have been richly blessed, but there is war even within blessing that is often unseen. When you spend a decade caring for people other than yourself, you forget what taking care of yourself feels like. You forget your passions, inspirations and aspirations that used to rage within you well into the night. You forget if you like the blue sweater or the crimson red dress. You forget you're a size 8 instead of size 2.

Are you grasping what I'm saying? So, no, this is not a blog about fashion, and this subject will play a small part. However, it is about discovering myself again. It is about the joy of being unconventional. It is about sharing the beauty of design with you. It is about sharing the history behind what we adorn our bodies with. It is about encouraging women to be a trend rather than follow one. Cliche? Yes. Untrue? NO. I don't care what era of style and design we reside in if I don't feel beautiful when I put it on, I don't wear it.

So be prepared to see designs you may not personally like, but anticipate seeing clothing a different way every time you get dressed.