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A Woman, Her God and Her Politics

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

The doggish nature of politics is not for the faint of heart, and the idea of women playing political roles is puzzling to some and daunting to others. Afterall, do women have a place on the government mountain?

Can I be honest with you? Government is not a subject I ever imagined myself discussing, and discussing it publicly was certainly not on the agenda of my life. I must be frank and say, I always held the mindset that politics was a man's world. I naively carried this train of thought until I began to recognize that when God places His passion within you, it cannot be contained. I remember thinking how ridiculous it would sound to hear myself, a 5"2' woman with a heart-shaped baby face discussing subjects such as abortion, conservative policies and cultural war. BUT God...

He has this phenomenal goal of syncing our hearts with His which leads us to choices, abilities, and careers we weren't even aware of. What we have perceived as passion is often His passion within us. The goal of the Kingdom is establishing a covenant with mankind so that His agenda can be brought about on the earth. Isn't that exciting? While others mock you, ridicule you and reject you because you've chosen to follow your passion, you're bringing about the will of the Father's heart within the earthly realm. This revelation demolished my toxic thinking and the belief that someone like me had no place in government.

After I gave birth to our first child, I found myself distraught as I followed news coverage and watched our nation rapidly slip further and further into lawlessness and complacency. I remember hearing the words, DO SOMETHING, in my mind, and I often wanted to yell this at the television. I started thinking about my children's future. I was disheartened by the thought of having to deal with subjects such as gender neutrality, transgenderism, gay marriage, and diabolical bullying amongst the other hard issues parents have to face. I thought about their education and how we were going to protect our children from government overreach within public schools. One day, as I watched the evening news, "WHY NOT YOU?" erupted in my heart.

I realized that change ALWAYS begins in the home. It always begins with the family. Why do you think that FAMILY has come under such an attack in the nation? Satan knows that if he can assault the family and overtake it, he can overtake a nation and those who inhabit it. My husband and I began to come together and discuss what we saw in government. We would talk for hours about our future. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, we launched a conservative news blog and began writing. The rest is history...

One of the aspects of government that I have written in my heart is that God is my source FIRST and foremost over everything else. This means His order comes before the order of the man and man's endeavors. I trust the government of God and the supernatural capability He's given us to release kingdom mandates from the throne-room of God to our government here on earth. If an individual is led by politics alone and what rules the government mountain, he or she will find themselves bitter, lost, and disoriented. The only structure that is immovable and unshakable is the kingdom. Everything else is sinking sand.

Women, your role within the earth is essential in the kingdom of God. Women are not only taking their place on the government mountain, but women are taking back education and the family mountain. Women are speaking up about the design and model of the family that God has bestowed upon us, His creation. We are arising to take back our roles as mothers, teachers, and nurturers. Many of you are sitting by the wayside, and you've been paralyzed for quite some time. Many of you are unsure of your gifting or don't know how to activate that gift. Fear has stopped you because you have disqualified yourself based on worldly qualifications instead of His grace. It is time for women to come off of the sidelines. It is time for women to ARISE...

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