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Passover In A Pandemic

What an extraordinary week it was...Passover. Little did we know how relevant the timing of a pandemic would be. God's timing is uncontested and marvelous. It came slowly...the shut in. We closed our doors behind us and asked that Jesus would stay inside. We cried and pleaded for blood like never before. I wonder what it sounds like to the ears of God to hear humanity cry out for a piece of Himself of which they have no true revelation? Desperation was in the air like a foreign substance for we are unaccustomed to needing anyone but ourselves and the manmade elements we have depended on. Yet, we were forced into our houses where the rarest form of ourselves is allowed to dwell. We were forced to look at mirrors we pass too quickly in haste and memories that we kept hidden away. The shut in...all of our boundaries dissipating into thin air. But inside...

The air was full of anticipation and want for conversation with the Godhead of the universe. Walking into a room was noticeably different as God waited in the shadows. His voice was audible and clear. While the enemy of my soul whispered in my right ear, He spoke truth into the left. Amongst my fear, my insecurities and my reach for a new plateau of faith...there He was, wooing me.

Psalm 121:3 He will not let your foot slip-- he who watches over you will not slumber;

When the pandemic first began, I saw families asking Jesus to come into their houses. They stood in line from father to youngest child. As they cried out together, Jesus walked through the front door and established Himself in front of the fathers. The family then became immovable and their feet were shod with a concrete element which served as a foundation. They did not fall. We serve a generational God. We serve a God that ensures Hid children are surefooted and unshakable in times of crisis. His endeavor is to be the foundation of humanity for the days to come. This Passover, He walked through unbolted doors. He dismantled false hope, false peace and false humility that we were clinging to in our comfort. Our hands are empty. He came in the darkness and wooed us and He will do it again. So, watch and pray. He's waiting and so are we.

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